Paris Airport Taxis – from Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport – are expensive if you are travelling on your own, but proportionally cheaper for more people. 

The advantages of taking a taxi from Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport into the centre are obvious: you dump your luggage into a taxi at the airport, sit back, relax, and let the driver take you directly to your hotel – and, if you get a chatty driver, you could learn a lot on the way.

The downside is cost: the fare is probably 60€ to 85€. In terms of cost per km, however, the taxi fare from CDG to central Paris is much less expensive than many other European cities.

Commencing Friday 15th May 2015, and running up to 80 times per day, easyBus will run between Charles de Gaulle (Terminal 2) and central Paris, with the first bus of the day leaving Le Palais Royal/Louvre at 05:45 and the last leaving Charles de Gaulle at 01:00. 26,000 introductory seats on sale at only €2 each. 

Online bookings can be made from 30th March at

Also, depending on traffic, the taxi can take longer than the RER train, and time-wise might be no quicker than the less costly Air France bus or RoissyBus. 
     Whether or not to use a taxi will also depend on how close your destination is to an RER Line B train station, Métro station, or airport bus stop: if its close to a station, you might save time—and will certainly save a lot of money—by taking the train and Métro, or an airport bus.
     If your destination is a distance from an RER Line B train or Métro station, or from the Air France bus or RoissyBus stops, you may still have to take a taxi in central Paris.
     There is much to be said for using a taxi. Sure, it's costly, but it's very direct, and can be quite exciting.

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