chÂteau d'if

This famous island fort facing Marseille, was immortalised by Alexander Dumas in The Count of Monte Cristo.

The castle was built by François I in 1529 and over the centuries it gained a fearsome reputation as many opponents of royal power were jailed and died in the fortress. A prison from 1541, it housed the most famous prisoners in the history of France, including the Comte de Mirabeau, incarcerated on the orders of his father, the famous Physiocrat. 

The Castle of If has been perfectly preserved and is one of the most impressive historical sites on the Mediterranean coastline.

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Château d’If
13177 Marseille Cedex 20
Tel: 04 91 59 02 30

15th May to 20th September: from 1000 to 1800
21st September to 14th May: from 1030 to 1700

The last visit depends on the timetable of boats, information at the tourist information center, on the website

Shuttle times: ask for information at monument:

Tel: 04 91 59 02 30 or 06 03 06 25 26

Mondays from 21st September to 14th May
1st January, 25th December and subject to bad weather

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