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The ocean is home to most of the life on Earth, it is where we came from, it provides our climate, it is the pharmacy of the future, it is a vital food source, it is our energy reserve, it is our water supply and it may be our next home... The ocean is all of these things. It is LIFE!

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Created in 1991, Nausicaa, Centre National de la Mer, educates visitors on sustainable development. The mission of the Centre, which goes far beyond that of a simple aquarium, is to discover the sea, a living element and source of wealth for today and tomorrow, and to educate and sensitise new behaviour vis-à-vis the Ocean.

Nausicaa invites visitors to plunge into the heart of the oceans to explore the sea in all its facets. Here, the visitor is between dream and reality, living in a world entirely directed to explore the marine world, its functions and relations that bind man to the sea soundscapes through its aquarium with unique shapes.

In 2013, NAUSICAA totally redesigned the sea lion area. Visitors to the Centre can now enter the world of marine parks and wide-open spaces. After the Californian Reserve, visitors reach an entertaining but educational area filled with life-sized sculptures of pinnipeds. There is a new layout and a new decor allowing visitors to take advantage of the new design and have a better view of NAUSICAA’s six sea lions. There are now 600 tiered seats protected by a roof and looking down on a pond filled with one million litres of seawater. This gives the public a chance to see the Californian Reserve and better understand the importance of protected areas that play an essential role in the balance of the marine environment and preservation of biodiversity. In particular, NAUSICAA highlights the creation of the Natural Marine Park of the “Estuaires Picards et mer d’Opale”.

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NAUSICAÁ Centre National de la Mer
Boulevard Sainte Beuve, B.P. 189, 62203 Boulogne-sur-Mer 
Tel: 03 21 30 99 99 (Reservations: 03 21 30  99 89)

Nausicaa is open every day, all year round, from 0930 to 1830 (1930 in July and August), except for a period of annual closing in January and on 25 December.