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This website is intended to inform visitors to France about the country, its people, its culture and its heritage. It is a developing website, and constantly maintained and added to in a quest that probably will never be completed.

The website begins with basic information about France, and about the practicalities of visiting. 

If your interest lies in a particular region, department, city, town or village then search under 'Discover France'. Or you can simply use the 'Search this website' feature. This will trawl the entire site, but won't include anything that has been very recently added, i.e. within the last 48 hours: it takes Google a while to catch up.

If the landscapes and countryside of France are your interest, or beautiful or historic towns and villages, including the country's most wonderful World Heritage Sites, then check under 'Where to go; What to see'.

Elsewhere you will find information about the food and drink of France, and about holiday packages offered by (mainly) UK-based companies, although there are some from the US and France included here.

Should you find a place or attraction that you particularly think worthy of inclusion, please use the 'Contact' form to let me know, and I will include it.

Finally, there is a link to a page of photographs, not all my own, of France, which I hope you will find appealing.

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