This VISITORS' GUIDE to France travel is developed by a dedicated travel writer and photographer, a Francofile with 50 years of travelling in France behind him, and with the aim of helping you to plan and enjoy your visits to this remarkable country.

There is so much to enjoy in France; take your time; come back.

Planning a visit to France
is made easier with our comprehensive travel database and our analysis of the many aspects of France, brought to
you by the critical eye of an experienced Francophile. Through our knowledge we
want you to discover not only mainstream action, but places that are off-the-beaten-track, and, maybe, a little unusual...
and many places you will want to go back to.

Explore the regions, visit the citiestowns and villages enjoy the most beautiful villages, and learn how to get there, how to get around, where to stay, and where to eat. Check out the country's natural beauty, the wonderful beaches, its magnificent coastline, as well as the high mountains of the Pyrenees, the Alps and the Auvergne. Taste your way through regional and local dishes, and quaff the wines and spirits for which the country is rightly renowned.

Culture, festivals and frivolities

Follow in the footsteps of prehistoric man, of pilgrims and martyrs; enjoy the music and art, the culture, festivals and frivolities, and, above all, the remarkable luminescence of light that so enthralled artists, past and present. And what better way to do it than in the company of an award-winning journalist with an eye for the unusual and a taste for the best.

Mont Blanc is the highest summit in France
at 4 810 metres (15,780 feet)

fast facts

Population (Mainland France)

551,695 km² (Metropolitan France)

Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Spain and Andorra.

French inventions
Taxis, hot air balloon, internal combustion engine, inflatable tyres, sewing machine, bikini, cafetière, braille, camera phone, hairdryer, parachute

French world records
World's most expensive bottle of French wine (1811 Château d'Yquem sold for £75,000 ($117,000))

In 2015, a painting of two Tahitian girls by the French artist Gauguin was sold for nearly $300m (£197m), making it the most expensive work of art ever sold.

Assassination attempts survived
General de Gaulle is said to have survived no fewer than 31 assassination attempts

Wandering the streets of Villefranche de Conflent, Occitanie

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Please be aware:
To ensure the safety of visitors, many museums and attractions are applying preventive measures taken by the government to public administrations. The museums are open under normal conditions, but luggage is not permitted regardless of size.

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