les jardins du manoir d'eyrignac
department: dordogne (24)
region: nouvelle-aquitaine

the most beautiful gardens in the pÉrigord

The extent and complexity of these splendid gardens does not immediately strike you. Only once you have begun your journey, does the intricacy and skill of the displays reveal itself. At the heart of the gardens is the 17th-century manor house, the Manoir d'Artaban, home to the family and its ancestry that developed and still maintain the gardens.

Located 13km north of Sarlat, the central essence of the gardens is green sculpture, topiary, the art of pruning trees and shrubs to give them a geometrical of free-form shape. In this skill, Eyrignac is unquestionably the leader, and the gardens are a kaleidoscope not so much of colours but of shapes and perspectives, managed and developed constantly to create a living sculpture.

There is constant development here. A kitchen garden was opened in 2014, and stands within a rectangle enclosed by a chestnut fence. At the edge of the estate, in sight of a small landing strip and helipad, are the Spring Gardens and Wild Flower Meadows. This area ais still a work in progress, and is evolving all the time.

The opportunity exists to take a self-guided tour through the gardens using an audio guide (available in 6 languages), or simply to wander freely. Places and paths that may not be walked on, are clearly identified. Botanical paths have been created, the better to enable visitors to discover the plants of the Périgord, and their uses.

Restaurant and Tea Room "Côté Jardins" at the entrance

Free car park in shady area

Shady picnic area (free access)

"Côté Jardins, Côté Manoir" Gift Shop open all year round  (gardening and decoration)

Camper vans welcome day and night

Partially accessible for disabled persons. (Tourism and disability label)

Dogs on leads are welcome.


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Les Jardins du Manoir d’Eyrignac
24590 SALIGNAC, Dordogne – Périgord
Tel: 05 53 28 99 71

1st January to 31st March
10.30am to 12.30pm and 2.30pm to nightfall
1st to 30th April
10am to 7pm 
1st May to 30th September
9.30am to 7pm
1st to 31th October
10am to nightfall
1st November to 31st December
10.30am to 12.30pm and 2.30pm to nightfall

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