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in the Lot valley

The transhumance of the flocks up to the mountain summer pasture is always a crucial moment for life in the Lot valley, and for the second time it is happening between the départements of Lot and Cantal. 700 sheep will progress from the Lot to the Lioran in Cantal where they will stay until mid-September.

This is a wonderful opportunity to discover the area, the diversity of the scenery, the local products and the ancient traditions of local shepherds and farmers.

Why join in?

It's unique! It is the second edition of the transhumance between the two départements of Lot and Cantal. It is taking place from 2 to 16 June 2013 in 15 stages, over 180km!

Visits to the most iconic sites of Lot and Cantal: from the Quercy arid soil to the green Lioran resort, the flock and its guides will take you through amazing landscapes.

Preservation of the environment: one of the main objectives of this first Lot-Cantal transhumance is environmental: development of the flock for the Lot department shepherds; end the use of trucks to take the flock to summer pastures; reduction of costs and also labour so they can concentrate on farming. For the Cantal department, site of the Liora mountain summer pasture, the transhumance allows bio-diversity preservation, the sheep helping to grow good quality grass.

Promotion of shepherds' trade and discovery of their work (with sheepdog demonstrations, sheep shearing and wool weaving.

Plus lots of entertainment planned in all the villages visited: food testing , gourmet dinner, dance and traditional bands festivals.

The sites crossed during this transhumance are:

Les Causses du Quercy
The Causse is a vast limestone plateau (covered with dried grass and rich flora) cut with valleys where under the action of water , you find cliffs, caves, sinkholes, …

The Quercy Blanc, so called for the colour of its white chalk bedrock, occupies the south western corner of the Lot. With its white stone houses, fields of lavender and lovely Romanesque village churches, it has a sunny, bright, undeniably Southern feel to it.

The Célé valley
It runs through the same type of limestone landscape as the Lot. It is bordered by tall cliffs, often coloured ochre by the presence of small quantities of iron oxide, or dark greyish-black by manganese dioxide. It is a gloriously beautiful valley, lined with small villages, cave-dweller villages, medieval castles, each more attractive than the last.

The Chataigneraie
In the south-west of the Cantal area, the "châtaigneraies" (chestnut groves) have been carefully preserved over the centuries. The contrasting landscapes characterised by the strength and majesty of the Auvergne's volcanoes and the peaceful setting of the Lot valley, are combined with a remarkable Romanesque architectural heritage, which you can appreciate in the medieval villages of Marcolés, Montsalvy, Maurs la Jolie and La Roquebrou.

The Jordanne valley
In the heart of a setting formed by the Puy Mary, Puy Griou and Puy de Chavaroche massifs, Mandailles St Julien possesses an inestimable wealth of nature. Mandailles has become a prized holiday destination for refreshing walks and summer hikes.

The Lioran massif
Peaks, valleys, plateau, waterfalls or gorges : each trail offers exceptional sceneries! Final stage of this transhumance, the Lioran resort , by the Plomb du Cantal, offers various activities all year long.

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