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Nantes, with a population in excess of 600,000, is the sixth largest city in France, and developed at an important point along the Loire, where the river becomes tidal. Such a coincidence has made Nantes an important focus of trade within the Loire-Atlantique.

For an authentic 'Nantes' evening, check out the restaurants and bars in the Ste-Croix neck of the woods. Try the local Muscadet wine; dry, but not too sharp.

Nantes is a splendid destination transformed by imagination and creativity. Just 45 minutes from the Atlantic, Nantes is an envied destination, a town of art and culture. The rich cultural heritage of Nantes is an experience that is quite special.

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Nantes was selected as the European Green Capital for 2013. This rewards the city for its policies on urban planning and sustainable development. Among a number of green initiatives are the introduction of the tram, pedestrian zones, cycle hire, biodiversity, reduction of pesticide use, development of protected natural areas and water treatment. And the greening of Nantes continues. The goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 2020, lowering them by 25% of 1990 levels. Already, a quarter of the city’s hotel rooms are eco-certified, making Nantes the leading city in France. And hotel owners are working to educate their guests to “think green” by providing information on environmental impact.

you won't want to miss

The Musée des Beaux-Arts (10 rue Georges Clemanceau); the 19th-century town; the Natural History Museum (le Square Louis-Bureau, place de la Monnaie).

Château des ducs de Bretagne - Musée d'Histoire de Nantes in the heart of the city. Rarely seen, the castle is accessible and free from the battlements to the moats. Its museum on the History of Nantes with contemporary scenography appeals to all.

A key task is a visit to the Sea World Merry-go-Round and maybe a ride on the Great Elephant. The Castle of the dukes of Brittany is also not to be missed! Along the Loire River, the Isle of Nantes is a cultural melting pot, blending trendy places and seafaring.

Take a trip to

Planète Sauvage (12½ miles SW along the D758). A brilliant safari park with over 1,500 animals roaming free.

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Parking in the city is not easy, but tramways and numerous bus routes make for easy travel within its bounds.