Theme park
Region: Vendée

The great park of Puy du Fou is a superb family attraction, and while it may be tempting to translate the name as the ‘hill of madness’, it actually means the ‘hill where the beech tree grows’.

Described as a ‘whirlpool of extraordinary spectacles and a breath of fresh air far from the turmoil of everyday life’, this is a multi-themed theme park offering on-going entertainment throughout the day and amazing spectacles in the evening.

Even if all you do is follow the paths around lakes and through lovely woodland, visiting the medieval villages and the animal parks, you will find the day slipping by. Seventeen restaurants and snack bars ensure that you need never leave the site until everyone is completely exhausted. Discounted admission charges encourage multi-day visits, and, to be fair, to experience everything, including the spectacular evening show and fireworks display in the Cinéscénie, one day is not enough.

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Puy du Fou is a massive complex, with a great many attractions, and is certain to occupy a whole day, at least. There are restaurants and on-site hotels, and a huge car park. But like many of these major attractions it isn't a cheap experience. So, consider buying a Premium Pass, which will give you significant price reductions, and unlimited access to the park and night-time shows.

Puy du Fou, 85590 Les Epesses. Tel: 0820 09 10 10; www.puydufou.com