Located in the Tarn region of southern France, Albi was the birthplace of Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa in 1864, and is today home to the revamped Musée Toulouse-Lautrec that opened in April 2012.

As the world’s largest collection of works by the painter, the Museum is situated in the Bishop’s palace, Le Palais de la Berbie, offering a truly memorable insight into Lautrec’s life, housing over a thousand paintings, lithographs and posters, all donated by Lautrec’s relatives and close friend and art dealer, Maurice Joyant.

The Musem’s home, the charming city of Albi, has been given a new lease of life since it achieved UNESCO World Heritage status in 2010. Its half-timbered houses have been renovated, a major facelift has limited car access, while car parks round the red-brick cathedral have been transformed into piazzas. More than a revamped art gallery, this is the culmination of a programme to '...give the heart of the city and its heritage back to the people of Albi'.

Opening hours:

January: daily, except Tuesday: 1000-1200, 1400-1700

February-March, November-December: daily except Tuesday: 1000-1200, 1400-1730

April-May: daily: 1000-1200, 1400-1800

June (first three weeks) and October: daily: 0900-1200, 1400-1800

June (last week)-September: daily: 0900-1800

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Toulouse-Lautrec Museum, Palais de la Berbie, Place Sainte Cécile, 81003 Albi.
Tel: 05 63 49 58 97

The museum is situated in the town centre, near the Cathedral of Sainte-Cécile and the Tourism Office. Cars may be parked in the town centre car parks.