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There are numerous hotels, of all standards, in Toulouse, especially around Place Wilson. Here are just a few recommendations:



Hotel St Claire
29 place Nicolas Bachelier, 31000 Toulouse
Tel: 05 34 40 58 88;
A small, informal hotel just away from the centre, but still close to a varied range of restaurants and bars.

Citiz Hotel
18 allée Jean Jaurès, 31000 Toulouse
Tel: 05 61 11 18 18;
Excellent, modern and completely refurbished to the highest standards. No restaurant (other than for breakfast), but you don't need one; you are on the very edge of Place Wilson, and there are plenty of eateries there. Reserved underground car park adjacent.

Hotel Clos des Potiers
12 rue des Potiers, 31000 Toulouse
Tel: 05 61 47 15 15;
Mansion-like residence just away from the centre; limited enclosed parking; no restaurant (other than for breakfast), but an elegant and stylish place to stay for peace and quiet.



For those who assess a city by the contentment it bestows on their stomach, Toulouse will be highly prized. Almost equidistant between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, it has the benefit of sea food from both coasts, and perhaps more so than anywhere outside Paris, offers an opportunity to compare the oysters of Hérault with those of Charente Maritime. But equally you can gorge yourself on the glorious Toulouse sausage, which usually finds its way into the legendary cassoulet, a dish over which there can be passionate disagreement as to which is the best.

En Marge
8 rue Mage, 31000 Toulouse
Tel: 05 61 53 07 24;
Michelin-starred restaurant, that meets all the standards you would expect. Small and intimate; reservations essential.

Restaurant Le Cardailhac
21 rue Perchepinte, 31000 Toulouse
Tel: 05 61 53 11 15;
Fine dining in an intimate atmosphere. Reservations essential.

Restaurant Monsieur Georges
21 Place Saint Georges, 31000 Toulouse
Tel: 05 61 29 81 96;
Something far more rustic, set around a square just off Place Wilson, and serving a wide range of regional and traditional cuisine.

La Villa Tropézienne
8-10 Rue Victor Hugo, 31000 Toulouse
Tel: 05 61 22 58 58;
A lovely, bright, modern restaurant serving dishes from the Mediterranean.

SW Café, Hotel Sofitel
84 allées Jean Jarrès, 31000 Toulouse
Tel: 05 61 10 23 10
Ignore the ‘café’, this is a high quality restaurant, serving imaginative and well-prepared dishes.

Restaurant l’Air de Famille
1 bis rue Jules Challande, 31000 Toulouse
Tel: 05 61 29 85 89
Small, back street restaurant with excellent cuisine.

Le Pyrénéen
14 allée Roosevelt, 31000 Toulouse
Tel: 05 61 23 38 88
Old-world charm in this small brasserie, with excellent sea food dishes.


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