check out the nightlife of paris

It’s amazing what you can cram into a small space, and that’s just what Marin Montagut has done in this pocket-sized fold-out map, which he subtitles ‘A selection of refined experiences to enjoy after dark in the city of lights’, or Une sélection d'adresses confidentielles pour les noctambules en quête de plaisirs raffinés.

Basically this is a guide for lovers of night-time in Paris, uncovering the best of Parisian nightlife and exposing more than 80 refined ‘insider’ addresses, all illustrated on a waterproof, tear-resistant, fold-out map.

Want to find an Australian chef in Paris? In urgent need of a ‘Love Hotel’, where rooms can be rented by the hour for what is euphemistically called ‘a romantic interlude’? Or maybe you want a bookshop-cum-café, or a great cocktail hideaway, or an ‘alternative’ British scene. Then look no further, you’ll find them all just there…in your pocket guide.

It’s a wacky idea, but these are often the best.

See the author's revealing video.

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