Find out who you need to tell and what you need to do to protect yourself from fraudsters if you card is lost or stolen.

If your card is lost or stolen call the appropriate 24-hr hotlines listed on www.totallymoney.com/credit-cards/lost-stolen-credit-card.

Better still: always carry with you the correct number to call for your particular credit cards.

You must report any loss or theft of credit cards or traveller‘s cheques to the local police who will issue you with a certificate (useful proof to show the issuing company).


Call your provider
As soon as you know that your card has been lost or stolen you must call your credit card provider. The sooner you call the better because until you’ve informed them the card is gone, you could be liable for any losses. Once your card provider knows the card is no longer in your possession your legal status changes, meaning that you should be refunded in full for any future transactions that take place.

Follow up in writing
Since the date and time that you reported the loss of theft of your card is important when claiming back for any unauthorised expenditure, it’s best to follow up this telephone call in writing. In either a letter or an email you should include your account number, the date, time and place that you first noticed your card was missing and when you first reported it was missing.

On top of this, keep records of any further transactions for future reference.


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