Mobile phones will work almost anywhere in France; there is extremely good coverage, including 3G and 4G in many areas for anyone wanting to connect to the internet.

Visitors from countries outside the EU need to ensure before departure that their phone and service contract are compatible with the European system (GSM). The three main mobile phone operators are SFR, Orange and Bouygues.

Dual- or tri-band mobile phones will work almost anywhere in France, but at international roaming rates. If you are staying for an extended period you might consider renting a mobile phone locally, including Blackberries and iPhones –

At present, however, you will incur roaming charges. But all this is about to change. The European Parliament has recently passed legislation to cut fees for use of mobiles while travelling in EU, with holidaymakers able to call, text and surf at UK rates from mid-2017. The MEPs have voted through new rules that will scrap mobile roaming charges and stop holidaymakers returning home to the nightmare of a massive phone bill racked up on their travels.

UK mobile phone users who travel within Europe will only have to pay the same prices as they would at home, curbing the cost of continued mobile connectivity while abroad.

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