le rocher des aigles Écoparc

It is always tempting to think that when you've seen one flying display, you've seen them all. Think again! The magnificent Rocher des Aigles, not far from the majesty of Rocamadour, is an altogether different experience.

Created in 1977, Le Rocher des Aigles now boasts more than 400 birds over 60 different species, and put on a fast-moving and informative display whether it's by fast-flying barn owls and African Grey parrots or the huge and cumbersome condors, Imperial eagles and European vultures.

This is not a place where you might see two or three birds flying; here it seems that they all do, and often fly free over the adjacent countryside, but rarely not returning - this is, after all, where many of them were born. You can even watch an Egyptian vulture attempting to crack an egg.

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Le Rocher des Aigles
46500 Rocamadour
Tel: 05 65 33 65 45

April to September
Times vary, but generally from around lunchtime to 7pm
The display lasts for about 1 hour, and is in French.