The naturally preserved region, the Lot valley is rich in history and traditions. Whether you like discovering medieval villages, active holidays (walking, cycling, fishing, sailing, canoeing, quad biking), or just want to relax in a spa or stroll along a river, there is plenty to choose from – oh, and, of course the delicious food and wine; try aligot and truffade

When the French talk of the Lot, they call it La France Profonde – Deep France. This is a place that is peaceful and rural, where you can drive mountain roads or simply wander around villages that seem to be untouched by the passage of time. On one side rises Mont Lozère, on the other the Garonne, and in the middle, the Lot, its valley a long green-blue ribbon, threading the region's heritage and culture.


The valley spans four regions (Midi-Pyrénées, Auvergne, Languedoc-Roussillon and Aquitaine), and passes through five départements (Aveyron, Cantal, Lot, Lot-et-Garonne and Lozère). 

There are almost 600 towns and villages, with a combined population approaching 360,000.

Over 6,000km rivers and waterways, as a result water sports are very popular.

The area lies between the popular touristy places of the Dordogne, the wineries of Bordeaux and the Riviera, and for those in search of tranquillity is very much one of the forgotten corners of France. Yet it remains an area of outstanding natural beauty, renowned for its dramatic gorges, fecund green hills and ancient, beautiful villages like Conques, Laguiole and Marvejols.

The Lot valley represents a stunning journey back in time, from the prehistoric caves of Pech Merle to fortified chateaux and country houses that have stories to tell of the Hundred Years War (1337-1453). Romanesque châteaux, country houses, abbeys and churches, prehistoric sites, towns and villages full of character: the banks of the Lot valley are filled with some quite exceptional heritage.

Take time out to visit the wolves of Gévaudan (more than 100 wolves from Canada, Siberia, Mongolia and Poland, living in semi-capitivity).

For something really special, follow the sheep transhumance which takes place from Lot into Cantal each June.


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Entente Interdépartementale Vallée du Lot
297 rue Saint Géry, 46000 Cahors
Tel: 05 65 53 99 38

Departmental committees of Tourisme (CDT) in the Lot valley

CDT de l'Aveyron
17, rue Aristide Briand, 12008 RODEZ
Tel: 05 65 75 55 70 

CDT du Lot
107, quai Cavaignac, 46001 CAHORS
Tel: 05 65 35 07 09 

CDT de la Lozère
14, Bd Henri-Bourillon, 48002 MENDE
Tel: 04 66 65 60 00

CDT du Lot et Garonne
271, rue Péchabout, 47005 AGEN
Tel: 05 53 66 14 14

CDT du Cantal
36 Rue de Sistrières, Rond point Tricot, 15000 AURILLAC
Tel: 04 71 63 85 00

Regional Committee of Tourism in the Lot valley 

CRT Midi-Pyrénées
54, Bd de l'Embouchure, 31022 TOULOUSE
Tel: 05 61 13 55 55

getting there

Easy to reach by plane, by rail or road, the Lot valley is increasingly popular with English tourists. The Lot is now a favourite French destination.

By road
A75 (St Flour), A20 (Cahors), A62 (Aiguillon)

By rail
TGV Paris-Toulouse, then to Agen

By air
Flights to Toulouse (Blagnac) airport; Brive Airpost; Aurillac airport, and Rodez.


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