Inexpensive and self-catering accommodation

There is no shortage of luxury hotels in Paris, places at which you can pay £kkkkkk$ per night, if you feel that way inclined. Every one will provide you with the standard of service you'd expect.

But not everyone can afford such luxury, or doesn't want to shell out mega-bucks for a few nights' stay.

So, help is at hand in the form of short-term accommodation that won't cost a year's earnings, anything from £6 to £200.

You can rent an entire home or flat, a private room or a shared room, many with WiFi, television, kitchens...perfect for a bit of privacy, and the chance to escape the delightful madness that is Paris. An an increasing number of these properties come with English-speaking landlords attached...sort of.

Private rooms in central Paris from £40 per night

Cheap accommodation in Paris from 25€ per night

Budget hostels in Paris

Rental accommodation in Paris

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