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School and public holidays in France can affect your success at finding accommodation...and, for that matter, sometimes your enjoyment. Here is a list of French holidays for your diary, so you can plan your visits to France. I'm not saying the French go crazy, well, no more so than in any other country, but just occasionally there's a feeling of being let out for the weekend about many towns and villages. A good example of that is Mother's Day (Fêtes des Mères), when you'll be lucky to get a lunch table anywhere, if you don't book in advance.

Mothers’ Day in France is usually on the last Sunday in May, but is moved to the first Sunday of June if it falls on the same day as Whit Sunday/Pentecost.

Fathers’ Day is also celebrated in France, on the third Sunday in June.


The school districts in France are divided into 3 zones, each with their own dates for school holidays. Below you will find the dates for their holidays.

Christmas holidays France 2018 - 2019

Zone A, B, C  23-12-2018    until   06-01-2019


Winter holiday France 2019

Zone A           17-02-2019    until   03-03-2019

Zone B           10-02-2019   until   24-02-2019

Zone C            24-02-2019   until   10-03-2019


Spring break France 2019

Zone A           14-04-2019    until   28-04-2019

Zone B           07-04-2019   until   22-04-2019

Zone C            21-04-2019    until   05-05-2019


There are ten public holidays in France:

1st of January (New Year)

Easter Monday

1st of May (Labour Day)

8th of May (celebration of the end of World War II in Europe)

Ascension Thursday

14th of July (Bastille Day)

15th of August (Assumption)

1st of November (All Saints)

11th of November (Armistice)

25th of December (Christmas)

On these days all governmental, and most administration departments, banks, and shops are closed.

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