Not everyone wants to carry around an often substantial printed guidebook to a country, especially not one as large and diverse as France...and while, as a writer of said guidebooks, I commend them as base reference books, modern technology greatly facilitates something a bit less bulky...and expensive.

Here is a selection of e-book titles by my friends and colleagues Mike Gerrard and Donna Dailey...oh, and a collection of essays about France by myself.

Bordeaux and Beyond Travel Guide
Lyon and Beyond Travel Guide

Marseille and Beyond
Montpellier and Beyond Travel Guide

Toulouse and Beyond Travel Guide
Aspects de la vie Francaise

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Mike Gerrard and Donna Dailey have won several awards for their travel writing, including a Benjamin Franklin Award for a guidebook to Paris. Among their other guidebooks are the National Geographic Traveler Guide to Greece, The Top 10 Paris Guide for Dorling Kindersley, the CityPack Guide to Nice and the Cote d’Azur, Paris by Metro, and the Bloom’s Literary Guides to both Paris and London. They have written guidebooks for almost every major travel guide publisher, including National Geographic, Dorling Kindersley, Michelin, AA, AAA, Fodor's, New Holland, Berlitz, Insight, and many more.