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MUCH more than a stitch in time

According to the legend, the Bayeux tapestry was made by Reine Mathilde, wife of William the Conqueror. In fact, it was probably embroidered by monks in the south of England after the Battle of Hastings on October 14th, 1066.


During the summer of 2014, the Bayeux Tapestry had a missing section added to it. Read about the Bayeux Tapestry Missing Link.

Listed as a “Memory of the World” by UNESCO, the Bayeux Tapestry (Calvados) is an embroidery, 70 metres long, made in the 11th century.

Legendary animals, ships, Vikings, Norman and Saxon cavalries illustrate the exploits of William and his opponent Harold, another pretender to the throne of England.

In 2018, it was learned that secret wartime documents revealed how Allied code breakers uncovered a Nazi plot to steal the Bayeux Tapestry to hang on the walls of Heinrich Himmler ’s castle.


Bayeux Tapestry
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The "Parc Michel d'Ornano" is specifically reserved for free parking for vehicles. It is equipped with public conveniences and a shaded picnic area. The car park gives direct access to the museum.

The Bayeux Tapestry is indicated throughout the town, and near the museum itself, with two types of signpost: one for pedestrians and the other for motorists, easily to identify with their different logos.

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