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Are you looking to have the vacation of your life in the magical country of France? Have you been dreaming of seeing the Eiffel Tower, going to the Palace of Versailles or taking a dip on the French Riviera? Regardless of what your agenda looks like France is, without fail, one of the most expensive holiday destinations. For this reason, you can never get enough tips on how to maximise your euros for your dream vacation.

Buy your Euros online

Most travellers chose to buy their Euros at the airport or at the bank. Unfortunately what these people don’t know is that they’re getting extortionate rates. Usually these involve markups of 10% + difference from the ‘actual exchange rate.’ What does this mean? You could end up paying £50 on every £500 you purchase, ouch! In addition, 0% commission is almost always a myth, so although it sounds tempting, watch out! The only thing that you can depend on is the rate!

As a starting point, try to use a comparison site to compare euros exchange rates & the fairest and cheapest deals. My Travel Money help you compare live euro rates.

Eat out, in the parks

France has a huge variety of chic restaurants to choose from for your romantic night out, though when making your final selection be wary of the ‘Prix Fixe Menues!’ These menus often present themselves like a deal, but in the end cost you more. In addition, you happen to be in one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world. Try visiting one of the food markets and pick up some fresh cheese and native wines for as low as €10. Find yourself one of the many beautiful parks, and have a picnic. Scenery is free, and people watching is fascinating! 

Travel by train

You can make a substantial dent in your bank account by cabbing around France, as their cabs rank similarly in price to London and New York. For this reason plan ahead and get a TGV pass and utilize the cheap and accessible trains that run throughout the country. Rail passes give you access to over 1,400 stations across France. They’re perfect for discovering the country and saving you a significant amount.

Plan trips in advance

Most tourist attractions such as museums and galleries will charge you a costly entry fee. It’s smart to research where you plan on visiting in advance by looking at their website. Often there are deals listed, that you would not find on the pamphlets given to you once you’re already in France. A perfect example of this of this are the galleries throughout France. Most galleries hold a free or reduced entry evening that they will not advertise, but will list on their website.

Accommodation: Avoid city centres

If you are willing to venture 10 minutes outside of the city you’re visiting, you are more likely to find accommodations for much lower prices. In addition, you’re guaranteed a good night’s sleep.

Bonne chance! Good luck! Enjoy your dream vacation and save while having fun.


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